29 Jul 2020

Bougainville to tighten Covid-19 rules after new mainland cases

12:38 pm on 29 July 2020

The Bougainville Government is planning to tighten restrictions to ensure Covid-19 doesn't spread from the Papua New Guinea mainland.

Photo: RNZ / Johnny Blades

There have now been 63 cases, mostly in Port Moresby, and two deaths with probable Covid-links.

For months Bougainville has had tight restrictions on flights and ships coming into the autonomous region, while there had been limits on the movement of people within the area.

In a statement President John Momis said these measures were to be "further strengthened with enhanced border surveillance" at entry points.

He said to ensure Bougainville remained free of the coronavirus, the Emergency Controller would make announcements shortly to strengthen current measures.

Mr Momis said the region, with the support of its development partners, now had quarantine and isolation quarters, along with triage facilities.

He said while Bougainville didn't have any confirmed cases, people needed to remain vigilant and strictly adhere to key health preventive measures, especially good hygiene and social distancing.