Tahiti revises budget over Covid-19 impact

4:55 pm on 26 July 2020

The French Polynesian assembly has approved an updated budget taking into account the measures adopted in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

The French Polynesia parliament building

The French Polynesia parliament building Photo: RNZ

Forty-nine of the 57 assembly members approved a $US377 million budget which had to take into account a revenue shortfall of about $US150 million.

The government took out a loan of $US280 million from the French state, part of which is being used up to shore up the social welfare agency CPS.

A total of $US125 million is earmarked for various form of wage support to offset the shock to the economy with the drop-off of international tourism.

In mid-July, French Polynesia became the first South Pacific destination open for travel without a quarantine requirement, and thousands of tourists are expected to visit in the weeks to come.