23 Jul 2020

Bougainville election campaigning 'respectful'

1:41 pm on 23 July 2020

One month into Bougainville's election campaign, a community organiser says it's being carried out in a pleasant atmosphere.

Returning Officer, John Sisiesi (L) and Upe teacher, Sam Manu (R)

Returning Officer, John Sisiesi (L) and Upe teacher, Sam Manu (R) Photo: Bougainville Referendum Commission

It is by far Bougainville's biggest election with over 400 candidates for the 39 seats and another 25 contesting the presidency in the August poll.

Marilyn Havini said it was being conducted in a cordial way.

Bougainville had reached a whole new level of understanding of what voting was about because of last November's successfully run independence referendum, which had created a win-win situation, Havini said.

"Most people are after the same dream. All their platforms are worded in different ways but they are all aimed at the right nation building concerns," she said.

"People are very respectful. There's a lot of interest. There's an enormous field of choice. You know there's so many people that we could vote for that it's very, very difficult to pick who are the front runners."