23 Jul 2020

Former Samoan prison turned into classrooms

6:36 am on 23 July 2020

Former jail cells at Samoa's decommissioned Tafa'igata prison have been turned into classrooms for a new school.

Part of Tafaigata prison cells

The now decommissioned Tafa'igata prison in its previous state Photo: RNZI / Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia

The Samoa Observer newspaper reported that 20 acres of grounds and all of the former prison's buildings had been leased to the Ministry of Education by the Samoa Land Corporation.

The ministry said the development would house a primary school and an early childhood education centre.

The project will be officially opened next week with classes starting on 27 July.

While the classrooms had been painted blue and red, the building retained signs of its past, with windows still bearing iron bars.