16 Jul 2020

Chinese nationals in Samoa warned against crime

2:46 pm on 16 July 2020

The Chinese Embassy in Apia has issued a warning to Chinese nationals living in Samoa who are involved in crime that they risk being sent home if this continues.

Apia's town clock.

Apia's town clock. Photo: RNZ Pacific / Jenny Meyer

According to TV1 Samoa, a senior officer from the Chinese Embassy says they do not want any more Chinese being convicted in Samoan courts for criminal activity.

The embassy official says from China's point of view they respect and honour Samoan culture and laws, and want all Chinese living in the country to do the same.

Last week a Chinese businessman, Chen Pao, was fined by the courts for running illegal fish processing operations in the back rooms of two of his restaurants in Samoa's capital.

Another Chinese national is facing charges of trying to export a container of banned sea slugs worth an estimated 3.6 million US dollars ($10million tala).

The embassy official says this is not acceptable as it also affects other Chinese living in Samoa, adding that those who offend will be sent back to China.