15 Jul 2020

PNG PM advises men to walk away rather than resort to violence

6:51 pm on 15 July 2020

Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister has spoken out again against Gender-Based Violence, as well as Family and Sexual Violence.

James Marape's call for men to change their ways follows media reports of the second death of a 19-year-old PNG mother allegedly at the hands of her husband within a month.

After the government last week introduced harsher penalties, Mr Marape said violence against women in any form will no longer be tolerated, warning those who witness but don't report such cases could face charges.

He said over the next 10 years, PNG must change for the better, to a society where women are free from domestic violence, and able to walk around at night without fear of being attacked.

PNG prime minister James Marape (centre) announces provisions for the 14-day state of emergency beginning Tuesday 24 March, alongside police commissioner David Manning and health secretary Paison Dakulala.

Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister, James Marape. Photo: Supplied

The prime minster said if there is a problem in their relationship, men should exercise understanding and even walk away rather than resort to violence.

"Walk away from the problem, down get entangled in it that you bring yourself down to attacking our helpless women and children. Simply walk way.

"Control is within us men - it neither costs money nor requires Government funding. Money is not required to change our attitudes.

"The Government will look into the existing laws and enactment's to make amendments where necessary so, in future, our daughters, sisters, mothers and aunties will be protected if any situation arises," he said.

"For example, if you are witness to a GBV or FSV case, then you are party to the crime if you do not report it.

"I also stress that once a GBV or FSV case is reported to police, it cannot be withdrawn.

Mr Marape said the Police Ministry has been instructed to immediately establish "GBV and FSV counters at every police station across the country."