15 Jul 2020

Three new cases of Covid-19 in CNMI

3:40 pm on 15 July 2020

The Covid-19 cases in the Northern Marianas has surged to 36 as three people tested positive.

The Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation's (CHCC) CEO, Esther Muna, said the three new cases of coronavirus are passengers from a flight last Thursday and determined through testing upon arrival at the Saipan International Airport.

The three new positive cases come as the task force and CHCC announced the reopening of the CNMI Community-Based Testing Initiative.

Covid-19 testing reopened on Saipan and Tinian yesterday, and reopened today on Rota.

Our correspondent said spots are limited by location.

He said people who were previously tested through the Community-Based Covid-19 Testing Initiative are not able to register for testing at this time.

The CNMI has tested 10,697 people for Covid-19 so far.

The CNMI now has 36 overall cases since March 28, including six current cases and two deaths.