13 Jul 2020

Vanuatu celebrating strong women

7:28 am on 13 July 2020

The people of Vanuatu have been treated to a series of short films over the past week celebrating the country's women.

The films constitute a festival moving from town to town, called Strong Women Vanuatu.

It is one of the events preceding the official celebration of Vanuatu's 40th anniversary on July 30th.

It features ten women, who have been high achievers in business, community work, sport, and theatre.

One is Liz Pechan, the daughter of one of the country's founding fathers, John Naupa, and a successful businesswoman, operating the Havannah Resort.

Her film focussed on her involvement in volunteering and she wanted young women to realise that being strong doesn't just mean physically.

"It could be mentally. And a lot of strength comes through our communities, and through volunteering and passion and persevering, and that all of these skills that a lot of us have in Vanuatu, make us very resilient to the environment that we live in and the culture that we live in," she said.