Bougainville's Momis can still fill a key role - Tanis

3:40 pm on 11 June 2020

One of the aspirants for the presidency in Bougainville says the region still needs the skills of the retiring President, John Momis.

James Tanis and John Momis

James Tanis and John Momis Photo: Facebook

Mr Momis' attempt to have a tenure limit overturned so he could run for a third term in office has been stopped by the Papua New Guinea Supreme Court.

James Tanis, who was president from 2008 to 2010 and is one of at least 23 people running this year, said Mr Momis had been a very important leader to Bougainville.

He said if he was successful he would make use of Mr Momis's talents in the negotiations over the result of last year's referendum on independence from PNG.

"It would be very useful to contribute to Bougainville in other capacities, than being the president," Mr Tanis said.

"Bougainville needs President Momis. He is about to leave the office of the presidency but I don't see him leaving Bougainville, in any way."