1 Jun 2020

Premier of Niue loses seat in election

12:51 am on 1 June 2020

The now outgoing Premier of Niue, Sir Toke Talagi, has lost his bid for a Common Roll seat in the weekend's election, effectively ending his 12 year reign.

Niue's premier Sir Toke Talagi being interviewed in Niue March 2017

Niue's premier Sir Toke Talagi being interviewed in Niue March 2017 Photo: RNZI/Sally Round

Sir Toke had kept a low profile in the lead-up to the election, missing many of the public forums and organised question and answer sessions in the weeks preceding the vote.

In last month's final sitting of the House Sir Toke confirmed he was contesting the general election despite concerns by some MPs over his health condition.

In provisional results released by BCN, the veteran politician, ranked 10th out of a record 26 candidates running for the six Common Roll seats.

Sir Toke Talagi had been the island's leader since 2008 and had been an MP since 2002.

Richard Hipa, topped the Common Roll votes.

Richard Hipa, topped the Common Roll votes. Photo: UN

Former Secretary to Government, Richard Hipa, a first time candidate, topped the Common Roll votes with 440 and now looks to be a contender for the premiership.

Mr Hipa is also a former telecommunications chief executive.

He had been campaigning on co-ordinated long term policies to attract the island's educated young home.

Former Wellington mayor and MP, Mark Blumsky, lost his bid for a place in Niue's parliament as did former premier Young Vivian.

Two new MPs have come out of the Common Roll while there are currently three new MPs out of the 14 village seats.

One of the seats, Mutalau, will be decided by a coin toss in the coming days after the two candidates finished with the same number of votes.