28 May 2020

Australia criticised for TV drama diplomacy

8:40 am on 28 May 2020

Australia has been told it should not send low-brow TV dramas and reality shows to the Pacific, but find out what the region really wants.

Canberra has announced plans to stream television content to the Pacific as part of efforts to promote Australia's relationship with the region, and to counter Chinese influence.

But a spokesperson for advocacy group, Australia Asia Pacific Media Initiative, Sue Ahearn, says sending programmes like Neighbours, Border Force is not the answer.

She believes Australia could provide a much greater service for the Pacific.

"Helping the Pacific media upskill its productions, helping them make their own programmes, working with Australian content providers, having Pacific content come to Australia - not just Australian content actually going to the region but have it going both ways," Sue Ahearn said.

 television antennae

Photo: 123RF