26 May 2020

Cook Islands creative economy suggested to beat Covid-19 money woes

5:12 am on 26 May 2020

Cook Islands event promoter Glenda Tuaine says the economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic is set to catapult a new so-called 'creative economy'.

Cook Island creative, Glenda Tuaine

Cook Island creative, Glenda Tuaine Photo: supplied

Ms Tuaine and her partner Maurice Newport have a network of up to 200 creatives on Rarotonga alone, most of them feeding into the currently frozen tourism sector.

She said seed funding as well as legal and policy leadership to build a 'creative economy' would help the country move past the horrific impacts of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

"It's been a catalyst for change, it's been a catalyst for people recognising if we have to move into an online world, then how do we convert what we do into something that can exist in that digital market space, and that can also generate revenues back to people."

Ms Tuaine and Mr Newport operate MoTone Productions, leading a range of major annual entertainment and production events supporting tourism and local creatives.