6 May 2020

NZ Law Society offers support to Samoa Law Society

6:59 am on 6 May 2020

The New Zealand Law Society says it's putting their resources at the Samoa Law Society's disposal in order to prepare a submission opposing three controversial bills currently before parliament.

The chair of the New Zealand society's Rule of Law Committee, Austin Forbes, QC, said there may also be technical issues they can help with.

Mr Forbes points to New Zealand's direct involvement with the formulation of the Samoa's Constitution.

Austin Forbes QC.

Austin Forbes QC. Photo: Supplied

He said Samoa's Law Society has alerted them to judicial and Constitutional concerns raised by prominent judges in the country and the New Zealand society will assist in addressing them.

He said members of the Rule of Law Committee are available.

"We would look for an outcome that is seen as satisfactory as far as all those involved in Samoa. We certainly would not be dictating in any shape or form what the outcome should be, this is a matter for a sovereign country to determine and if we can assist, we will," he said.