21 Apr 2020

Two more Cooks MPs take voluntary pay cuts

9:02 pm on 21 April 2020

Two more opposition MPs in the Cook Islands parliament have joined their leader Tina Browne in voluntary pay cuts.

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Photo: AFP

Selina Matenga and Agnes Armstrong have joined Ms Browne, asking that 15 percent of their pay go towards supporting their constituencies.

The MPs say they are keen to grow momentum for more politicians, and all heads of ministries, to do the same.

Their call comes as private sector leaders are asking if those on the public payroll can survive on the same Covid-19 payment their workers are receiving.

The MPs' pay-cut comes after New Zealand government ministers last week agreed to reduce their salaries by 20 percent for six months.

Meanwhile in the Cook Islands' neighbouring territory of French Polynesia, president Edouard Fritch is opposing across-the-board pay cuts for ministers and assembly members as suggested by the opposition.

Mr Fritch said no group should be forced into making a decision to take pay cuts, but that it was up to each individual.