9 Mar 2020

Pacific nations introduce more Covid-19 restrictions

12:53 pm on 9 March 2020

Pacific countries are introducing more Covid-19 restrictions, as the global outbreak continues.

Coronavirus warnings at the Auckland Airport arrival area.

Coronavirus warnings at the Auckland Airport arrival area. Photo: RNZ / Liu Chen

New Caledonia's government has decided to cancel all school trips abroad because of the virus.

The measure was announced by the vice-rector, who said it had been taken as a precaution.

He asked both private and public schools to defer travel plans made for this year.

The government also extended the list of countries defined to be at risk of the virus to include, among others, France and Japan.

New Caledonia's main airlink to Europe is via Tokyo.

The list already included China, Singapore, South Korea, Italy and Iran.

Meanwhile, Fiji has also widened its travel restrictions to include foreign nationals who have been present anywhere in South Korea in the past 14 days.

Fiji's borders will be closed to all non-Fijians who have been present in mainland China, Italy, Iran or South Korea within 14 days of their intended arrival in Fiji.

Fijians are being advised to avoid non-essential travel to those countries.

American Samoa puts further curbs on travel

American Samoa will not be issuing any new government travel authorisations until further notice.

From tomorrow, new restrictions will also apply to all passengers, including local residents, travelling from and transiting through more than a dozen US states affected by the coronavirus.

Travelers from affected US states and foreign countries travelling from Honolulu are required to remain in Hawaii for 14 days and obtain a health clearance three days before entry in Pago Pago.

There will be fewer daily flights between the Samoas and cruise ships are banned.

Charter flights will be denied entry effective tomorrow.

The territory's health director, Motusa Tuileama Nua strongly recommends that all persons in American Samoa intending to travel to any US state and foreign country affected by the coronavirus to postpone travel.