6 Mar 2020

Most of Wallis and Futuna population 'overweight' - report

5:10 pm on 6 March 2020

Figures released in Wallis and Futuna suggest more than 90 percent of the population is 'overweight'.

Aerial of Futuna, Wallis and Futuna, South Pacific, Pacific

Photo: Michael Runkel

The increasing incidence has been attributed to a range of factors, including a more sedentary lifestyle and changes in the diet.

The public broadcaster reported the figures showed obesity affected just over 70 percent of the population.

The most significant increase was recorded between 1980 and 2009 when the number more than doubled from 30 percent to 65 percent.

Five years ago, 22 percent of five-year-olds were registered as obese but three years later the figure had risen to 41 percent.

In New Caledonia, there have been a similar weight increases among children.

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