17 Feb 2020

Weather systems off Samoa group and Tuvalu could become cyclones

8:44 am on 17 February 2020

Samoa's meteorological service says there are currently two weather systems of concern to Samoa.

A Tropical Disturbance near Tuvalu, TD07F, and a developing low pressure system near Samoa.

TD07F is forecast to be a Tropical Depression within the next 24-48 hours with a low to moderate potential to develop into a Tropical cyclone.

The low pressure system near Samoa will bring heavy rain and gusty winds to the Samoa group.

Damaging winds and heavy rain may impact the island by Tuesday afternoon from this system, including very rough seas and dangerous surf.

It said members of the public were advised to remain vigilant and stay update-to-date with the latest development of both systems as the forecast track can change in the coming days.

In neighbouring American Samoa, a high wind warning is now in effect for the whole territory.

The National Weather Service in Tafuna said the weather system near the Samoa Islands would bring damaging winds.

Residents have been advised that strong and damaging winds will make driving difficult, cause power outages from downed power lines, uproot trees, blow away loose and unsecured objects, cause damage to roofs, small outdoor buildings, tents and outdoor kitchens.

Yesterday afternoon, stores were busy with shoppers looking for water, canned food, batteries and other hurricane supplies.