13 Feb 2020

Eight more people in quarantine in American Samoa

7:29 am on 13 February 2020

Eight passengers on a Hawaiian Air flight to American Samoa are now in quarantine in the territory as part of safety measures against the coronavirus outbreak.

A Chinese tourist wearing a protective mask waits at Sheremetyevo airport, outside Moscow, Russia.

Photo: AFP

Seven are Taiwanese who traveled directly from Taiwan, and the eighth passenger is an American who spent 30 days in the Philippines.

Taiwan and the Philippines have cases of the deadly virus, recently renamed Covid-19 by the World Health Organisation.

The Director of Health Motusa Tuileama Nua says the Taiwanese were cleared and issued what are called 'OK boards' from Honolulu.

Motusa says he is trying to find out why this happened as the signs are supposed to be suspended under a public health emergency declaration.

Last week the Department of Health warned all travellers from affected countries would have to spend 14 days in Hawaii and have a health exam three days before entry.

The eight travellers join two others in quarantine at Leone Health Center.

One other person was quarantined at the facility but released this week.