13 Feb 2020

Cook Islands continues to see cases of dengue fever

9:37 am on 13 February 2020

Eleven probable cases of dengue were reported in the Cook Islands last month, an increase from six cases in December.

Illustration of a mosquito sucking blood.


According to the government's situation report, there have been a total of 137 confirmed and probable cases of the mosquito-borne illness as of the beginning of the month.

The Cook Islands News reports the dengue type-1 outbreak was declared nearly a year ago after seven confirmed cases.

The government said 49 people had been hospitalised and discharged over the past year and there were also four cases in Aitutaki.

There have been no deaths associated with the outbreak.

A public health team is continuing its vector control programme around Rarotonga including mosquito larval surveillance and spraying.

The team has already completed spraying of the 15 schools on the island.