30 Jan 2020

Cyclone damage in Fiji estimated to cost $US2.8m

4:13 pm on 30 January 2020

Damage caused by Cyclone Tino in Fiji's northernmost parts this month will cost the government $US2.8 million.

A sugar cane field in Fiji.

A sugar cane field in Fiji. Photo: RNZI/ Sally Round

Local commissioner Ilisoni Vusoniceva said the sugar sector suffered the most damage at $US1.4m.

Earlier, Cyclone Sarai passed through the country over the new year period.

New Zealand has responded to a request for assistance from Fiji to fund a detailed needs assessment and food distribution to areas affected by both cyclones.

An MFAT spokesperson said $US103,000 had been sent through the New Zealand Aid Programme.

"This involved deployment of three ships, with 80 personnel on board from multiple Fijian Government agencies and civil society (including technical government officials, the Red Cross and NGO staff), water and food rations for Lau," MFAT said in a statement.

The Lau group includes Moala, Matuku, Toyota, Oneata, Moce, Manuka-i-Lau, Kabara and Fulaga, and faced the brunt of Cyclones Sarai and Tino.