Ukraine and the Marshall Islands agree on visa-free travel

3:03 pm on 21 November 2019

Ukraine has reached an agreement with the Marshall Islands for visa-free travel.

Marshall Islands flag

The flag of the Marshall Islands. Photo: AFP

The decision was announced by a Cabinet minister Dmitri Dubilet on his social media page.

Mr Dubilet added that the Marshall Islands flag was one of his favourite flags.

Last month, the Ukrainian government said that within five years it wanted to extend visa-free access to passport holders from another 14 countries.

They still include Samoa, Palau, Nauru and Solomon Islands.

Currently, passport holders of these countries are eligible for electronic visas as are all those from other Pacific Island countries apart from Papua New Guinea.

The government said expanding the list of countries for visa-free travel was the key for opening the world for Ukrainians.

In the past three months, visa-free travel has also been secured to Laos, Ecuador and Colombia.