14 Nov 2019

More research needed into Pacific resource management - Palau govt

4:06 pm on 14 November 2019

Pacific nations must look closely at every financial option available to help them better manage their resources, says Palau government minister Fleming Sengebau.

Fleming Umiich Sengebau.

Fleming Umiich Sengebau. Photo: OPOC

Mr Sengebau, who is Palau's minister for natural resources, environment and tourism, is attending the Pacific Ocean Finance Conference in Fiji this week.

He said more research was needed in all aspects of ocean finance and governance.

He also called for futher exploration of practical challenges and solutions.

Mr Sengebau said with the growing threat of the climate crisis, the islands needed finance to help their communities provide alternative livelihoods.

"At the end of the day, it's about helping our communities. And for many of these issues that we're dealing with, going into communities - where are we going to get funding for this?

"I see a great opportunity for us to share lessons learned in our own respective countries. But more importantly, how we can bring those resources to bear and really help our countries move forward."

POFC 2019 is being organised by the Pacific Ocean Finance Program, implemented through the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) and the Office of the Pacific Ocean Commissioner - an affiliate with the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat.

The conference ends on Friday.