22 Oct 2019

Cook Islands reactivates AM transmitter

11:12 am on 22 October 2019

The Cook Islands government has asked Radio Cook Islands to put its backup AM transmitter back into service.

Radio Cook Islands

Photo: Facebook/ Radio Cook Islands

The signal was lost in August when the main transmitter's rusty mast on Rarotonga was dismantled.

Radio Cook Islands' general manager Jeanne Matenga said Blue Sky, which manages the network, reactivated a smaller transmitter near the airport late last week.

She said the government seemed to be worried about the absence of a radio signal to some parts of the country as the cyclone season neared.

"People in Aitutaki can hear it and I got a text message from someone in Mitiaro saying they could hear it there as well.

"If it reaches Mitiaro, it will get Atiu and Mauke because those islands are very close to each other. Possibly Palmerston might be able to get a signal too because it's closer to Aitutaki, and the Northern Groups still have their FM."