14 Oct 2019

New Caledonia and Corsica sign partnership agreement

10:38 am on 14 October 2019

A partnership agreement has been signed between New Caledonia's Congress and the assembly of the French region of Corsica.

New Caledonia Congress

Photo: RNZ Pacific/ Walter Zweifel

The deal was signed in Paris by New Caledonia's Congress president Roch Wamytan and the Corsican assembly president Jean-Guy Talamoni.

Both politicians belong to parties seeking independence from France.

The agreement is devised to strengthen friendly ties and to provide inter-parliamentary links in areas of mutual interest.

It also calls for the two assemblies to join national, regional and international events open to them.

Mr Wamytan was elected as Congress president this year due to the support of the Wallisian and Futunian-backed Pacific Awakening Party, which is part of the mainly anti-independence government.

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