26 Sep 2019

Fiji Education Ministry’s social media policy slammed

12:06 pm on 26 September 2019

Fiji's Education Ministry has announced it will review its policy on the use of social media after parents complained.

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Photo: AFP

The policy, which came into effect in June, directed teachers not to have students or their parents as friends on social media.

The teachers are also not allowed to post pictures of students or use social media during school hours.

But Suva parent Stanley Simpson said he would continue to remain Facebook friends with his children's teachers and with friends who happen to be teachers.

Mr Simpson took to social media to express his outrage.

"Go to Hell Ministry of Education!" He posted on Facebook. "This is not a communist country.

"You can't choose who we can or cannot be friends with or deny us the advantages of communication via new technologies like social media.

"Stop taking us back to the 1970s. You need to re-think this," Mr Simpson said.

On social media Mr Simpson got strong backing from other parents.

The Education Ministry's Social Media Policy requires teachers to report colleagues who use social media "inappropriately".

Ministry staff are also prohibited from making any negative comments against the government or Members of Parliament.