23 Aug 2019

3D hologrammes for American Samoa classroom

10:34 am on 23 August 2019

3D hologrammes are being used to beam academic instruction from the University of Hawai'i into classes at the American Samoa Community College (ASCC) to engage with students there.

The new service was launched this week and comes with the added bandwith the Hawaiki Cable provides to the territory.

The so called 'Holocampus' was opened with a ceremony at the ASCC where a demonstration was provided by University of Hawai'i instructor Chris Schuler.

The president of the ASCC Rosevonne Pato welcomed the technological advancement, describing it as historic.

"This wheel sets into motion a very historic moment for the American Samoa Community College, University of Hawai'i and the territory of American Samoa because it changes the face of education and instruction."

Dr Pato warned, however, the vision and purpose of the ASCC shoud not be lost in the rapid advancement of technology.