12 Aug 2019

Pacific Awakening maintains neutrality on New Caledonia

3:04 pm on 12 August 2019

New Caledonia's Pacific Awakening party has restated that it won't advise its supporters whether to vote for or against independence from France.

The party, which represents mainly people originally from Wallis and Futuna, won its first seats in this year's provincial elections and holds the balance of power between the pro-and anti-independence camps in Congress.

According to media reports, its leader Milakulo Tukumuli said every voter is a citizen who has the right to choose the society they want.

Pacific Awakening voted with the anti-independence side in the election of the government of the southern province but aligned itself with the rival camp to choose a pro-independence Congress president.

He said the party plans to contest next year's municipal elections in four towns in the greater Noumea area to test its support.

In difference to the provincial elections, the roll is not restricted to long-term residents.