Tahiti court overturns hate speech conviction

2:20 pm on 6 August 2019

A French writer convicted for inciting hatred in French Polynesia has been acquitted on appeal.

The website of Jean Robin

The website of Jean Robin Photo: Supplied

In March, Jean Robin, who moved to Moorea two years ago, was convicted after a letter of complaint was sent to the prosecution over two of his YouTube videos.

However, the appeal court in Tahiti has now quashed his six-month suspended prison sentence and his $US5,000 fine.

It ruled that Mr Robin used his videos only to express his opinion and didn't use particularly violent language nor incited people to hatred.

The author had likened Islam to Nazism and praised French Polynesia for having no mosques.

He also criticised a French police officer Arnaud Beltrame who was killed last year after exchanging himself for a hostage.