1 Aug 2019

American Samoa's LTE/4G network to be rolled out this month

3:23 pm on 1 August 2019

Many residents of American Samoa will have to purchase new phones if they want to benefit from the impending launch of the territory's LTE or 4G network.

ASTA CEO, Lewis Wolman

ASTA CEO, Lewis Wolman Photo: Talanei

The American Samoa Telecommunications Authority said the network should be up and running this month.

The CEO of the government-owned authority, Lewis Wolman said all parts of Tutuila and Manu'a will be able to experience faster internet speeds with the latter's coverage increased to 95 percent of the island.

The ASTCA has been installing new towers and cell sites in villages that currently have poor reception or no service.

However, Mr Wolman told Talanei News people will have to get new phones to experience the improvements.

"Your existing ASTCA phone won't work on the new network, you will have to get a new phone but when you do get a new phone that works on the ASTCA network.

"All the north shore villages I mentioned will have coverage. We have really expanded the coverage area of ASTCA to include the smaller north shore villages."