29 Jul 2019

MP calls for improved health services on Nauru

9:57 am on 29 July 2019

A Nauru MP, aiming for re-election in next month's poll, says he wants to focus on fixing up what he says is a collapsing health system.


Nauru Photo: AFP

The Waqa government has often touted the money it has spent on health and queried why locals and refugees need treatment overseas.

But the country's health services have been widely criticised by visiting health specialists and the MP, Riddell Akua, agrees.

He said the people are suffering and their health facilities cannot manage.

"We have got a new structure, we have got new assets, we have got many doctors, but health in Nauru has slowly worsened. Each and every year we are suffering from a lot of non-communicable disease. And what I think health is addressing is bandaid type of things."

The Nauru election will be held on 24 August.