20 Jul 2019

American Samoan judge says 'you can't rape and run'

6:55 am on 20 July 2019

An American Samoa judge has told a man who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting two 14 year old girls, the territory is not a place where you can 'rape and run.'

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Photo: 123RF

Judge Fiti Sunia was sentencing Apisaloma Timo who was charged with two other men in connection with the assaults in October last year.

The trio picked up two 14 year olds, gave them methamphetamine and had sex with them.

Judge Sunia said there was evidence of an all round failure "in law enforcement, family support, parenting and up and down line."

Timo, a Samoan citizen, said he was sorry and asked to be allowed to go home to take care of his family and create a better future.

But Judge Sunia told him "American Samoa is not a place where you can rape and run."