12 Jul 2019

Emergency shelter plans more than 'tarps and tents'

9:34 am on 12 July 2019

Habitat for Humanity is expanding its post disaster shelter research into Vanuatu after developing a comprehensive planning tool in Fiji.

Disaster relief work on Fiji

Photo: Suplplied/Habitat for Humanity Fiji

It's working with Australian aid agencies to develop the tool to improve co-ordination and logistics after natural disasters.

Habitat project manager Doreen Narayan said in Fiji the tool was developed through wide consultation, including with vulnerable groups such as disabled people and women.

It will enable better decisions in emergencies, Ms Narayan said.

"It actually looks at going beyond tarps and tents. We look at the solutions plus the processes as well." she said.

"So it's more about looking at the country specific information, what is more appropriate and contextual and acceptable in communities. We are taking a very inclusive and consolidated approach right from the beginning."

The tool provides best-practice shelter solutions and identifies community resources for use by aid agencies, Ms Narayan said.

In the form of a handbook and online resource, the tool gives best-practice shelter solutions, identifies country specific supply chains and community resources for use by humanitarian response agencies.