PNG's Ulawun volcano pulls back after big bang

12:21 pm on 27 June 2019

A volcanic eruption in Papua New Guinea which forced thousands of people to flee the area yesterday has begun to settle.

Mt Ulawun on the large island of New Britain had been showing signs of increased activity for the past few weeks.

Mt Ulawun.

Mt Ulawun. Photo: Eroli Tamara

It erupted early yesterday, hurling ash up to 17 kilometres high and blanketing the surrounding region is ash.

It's the biggest eruption of the highest volcano in PNG's Bismarck Arc since the turn of the century.

Up to 5000 villagers and oil palm workers in the remote region have evacuated the area around Ulawun.

But the nearby Rabaul Volcano Observatory said the seismicity returned to normal overnight and Ulawun was much quieter this morning.

Local authorities are monitoring the situation closely, with damage assessments pending.


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