8 Jun 2019

Tahiti court of appeal releases verdict in case of two brawling doctors

10:15 pm on 8 June 2019

The court of appeal in French Polynesia has released its verdict in a case of two doctors who had been convicted for brawling in an operating theatre.

The surgeon has had his suspended six-month jail sentence confirmed while the court has acquitted the anaesthetist.

In 2017, the two had been fined $US5000 each over their fight at a private clinic in Papeete which left them with such injuries that they had to take sick leave.

The criminal court then also ordered the surgeon, who had tested positive for methamphetamine, to pay a journalist $US800 for making death threats for reporting the fight.

Reports said the two doctors have given contradictory accounts of what started the brawl, which was said to have woken up the patient who had been operated on.