6 Jun 2019

Cook Islands debates how to disinfect water

5:03 pm on 6 June 2019

There is a debate in the Cook Islands as to whether chlorine should be used to purify the water in Rarotonga.

Water tap

Photo: AFP

The new water reticulation system on the island is near completion.

The Cook Islands News reports there is opposition to the use of chlorine, but the government says this is the way it will go if science shows it's the best way to do it.

Deputy prime minister, Mark Brown, said the priority of the government is to ensure the safety of the people when they drink water from the island's taps.

A poll in the paper has found that 42 percent want no disinfection of the water, 31 percent backed UV treatment, 12 percent favoured a chemical treatment such as chlorine, 10 per cent opted for electro-chemical treatment, and three per cent chose ozone.