26 May 2019

Samoa appeals for banana growers to follow regulations, as exports resume

4:21 pm on 26 May 2019
Pile of bananas on a market

Photo: 123RF

Samoan banana exports to New Zealand have resumed after a slip-up earlier this year.

The first shipment of Samoan bananas in nearly 50 years arrived in New Zealand last October.

The government had hoped to send a bunch more exports, as a way to inject money into the industry there.

But Samoa's agriculture ministry says around 500 cartons had to be destroyed in March because they were already ripening.

Its chief executive, David Hunter, says exports have now resumed, but farmers must comply with regulations.

Authorities will be keeping their eyes peeled to ensure the quality of exports.

Despite the setback, New Zealanders appear to be bananas for Samoan bananas -- last year's first shipments were snapped up in hours, with the Samoan prime minister calling the new exports miraculous.