Solomons electoral candidate jailed for corruption

5:21 pm on 1 April 2019

In Solomon Islands an electoral candidate and former government official, Henry Murray, was sent to jail for four years on Friday for corruption.

A closeup of the lock of a  jail cell with iron bars and a bunch of key in the locking mechanism with the door open

Photo: 123RF

In sentencing the 52-year-old former permanent secretary for the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, the Chief Magistrate Emma Garo, said corruption is everyone's business to address.

The Courts found Mr Murray corruptly received more than US$87,000 and his sentencing means he is now ineligible to run for the East Makira seat he was contesting in this week's general election.

The Solomon Star reports the Chief Magistrate as saying "the case is a blot on the credibility of the government and the country as a whole... and such blatantly wrong conduct undermines every aspect of society".