1 Apr 2019

Tokelau to standardise national language

4:56 pm on 1 April 2019

Tokelau's government is looking at standardising its national language.

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Photo: RNZI / Koro Vaka'uta

The changes, which were put forward at its parliamentary meeting this month, are in response to a different alphabet used in New Zealand.

Tokelau's ulu, or leader, Kelihiano Kalolo, said there had been difficulties trying to coordinate meetings because of the language differences.

"Language is very very important for us, that's how we express ourselves as Tokelauans. We are thinking of the future of our children who will grow up, they must grow up with ... a common approach rather than having different versions."

Kelihiano Kalolo said a working group will be tasked with establishing a new language policy.