NGO in Port Moresby aims to reach many with TB message

9:52 am on 22 March 2019

The people of the Papua New Guinea capital district, Port Moresby, will be asked today to focus on the threat from tuberculosis.


Photo: 123RF

It is World TB Day and in PNG rates of the disease are among the worst in the world, with sufferers counted in the tens of thousands.

The NGO Business for Health, or B4H, is running what it is calling a festival to try and engage the public on their way to and from work.

B4H's Ann Clarke said rates in PNG are getting worse with more people becoming resistant to TB drugs.

She said her organisation wants to raise awareness and ensure people are better informed.

"That is factual, that is real and that helps to make sure that anbody who's concerned about TB knows exactly what to do, how to help somebody and gets the problem fixed, and doesn't rely on myths and blame it witchcraft or any of the other terrible situations that prevent people from seeking treatment very quickly."

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