PNG bishops attack govt over corruption

6:04 pm on 11 March 2019

Catholic bishops of Papua New Guinea have lambasted the government for failing to take action on corruption and for what they call its general incompetence.

Bishop Rochus Tatamai (L)

Bishop Rochus Tatamai (L) Photo: Facebook / Ambrose Pereira

In a statement, the bishops asked why an Independent Commission Against Corruption had not yet been set up and why nothing had been done to end Special Agricultural Business Leases (SABLs).

SABLs continued to destroy the environment and livelihood of thousands of Papua New Guineans, the statement said.

It also attacked the practice of politicians directly distributing government funds as impractical, failed and notoriously corrupt.

The church is one of the key providers of education in PNG but the bishops said their services were increasingly interfered with by politicians and the government.

Added to that, the government's Fee Free Tuition was not being properly implemented, denying schools of funds and materials, they said.

Staff in Catholic health clinics are also not getting their wages and medicines are not reaching the clinics, the bishops said.

On behalf of the people of PNG, the bishops have called for answers from the government and are expecting change.