11 Mar 2019

New party launched in New Caledonia

1:50 pm on 11 March 2019

A new party has been launched in New Caledonia to contest the provincial election in May.

A rally of the Common Caledonian Destiny party.

A rally of the Common Caledonian Destiny party. Photo: Facebook / Le destin commun calédonien

The party Common Caledonian Destiny will run candidates in the southern province.

Its president Giovanni Talafeli said all other parties only talked about one thing - whether to become independent or to stay French.

This topic being pursued almost fanatically while every day needs are ignored, Mr Talafeli told local television.

For example, the price of bread in New Caledonia is much higher than in French Polynesia although the two territories have the same wage level, he said.

Furthermore, it was not right to massively hike the price of alcohol because of a small group of people causing trouble, Mr Talafeli said.