Schools to reopen across Micronesia after Typhoon Wutip

7:36 am on 25 February 2019

Schools in Guam and the Northern Marianas will be reopening today after Typhoon Wutip, which passed by them over the weekend.

In the CNMI a total of 83 people, 81 on Saipan and Tinian and two on Rota, sought shelter in evacuation centers during the weekend when Super Typhoon Wutip and its 250kph maximum sustained winds came closest to the Marianas.

Saipan in the Northern Marianas.

Saipan in the Northern Marianas. Photo: Supplied

Acting governor Arnold I. Palacios yesterday cancelled the tropical storm warning for Rota and the tropical storm watches for the islands of Tinian, Saipan, Agrihan, and Pagan as Wutip continued to move away from the Marianas, no longer posing a threat to the Commonwealth.

No injuries have been reported as a direct result of Wutip and public roadways remain clear of debris on Saipan, Tinian, and Rota.

Government operations and schools are also expected to resume as scheduled today.

United Airlines had cancelled flights to Saipan due to Wutip, while Arctic Airlines on Rota will be resuming operations on Monday.

Typhoon Wutip hovers over Micronesia. 22 February 2019.

Typhoon Wutip hovers over Micronesia. 22 February 2019. Photo:

Palacios also acknowledged climate change in the aftermath of the out of season Wutip, as the region's typhoon season is not for another month yet.

He said climate change is a reality, and encouraged everyone to continue to be cognizant of that as the CNMI builds resiliency for the future.

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