19 Feb 2019

Vanuatu PM calls for scrutiny of projects funded by China

10:08 am on 19 February 2019

Vanuatu's prime minister is calling for more scrutiny of development projects funded by China.

Charlot Salwai

Charlot Salwai Photo: Dan McGarry/ Vanuatu Post

The Vanuatu Daily Post reported Charlot Salwai made the remarks in relation to the viability of projects such as the National Convention Centre in the capital Port Vila.

Last week, Mr Salwai admitted there was no money in the budget to maintain the two storey complex, which is also racking up tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid electricity bills.

The complex was meant to become the premiere venue for international conferences and meetings but this has not eventuated.

Mr Salwai said Vanuatu must accept responsibility for the state of affairs at the convention centre, given the government signed off on it.

But he said in future it should seek to be fully involved in the designing of any major development projects, particularly those funded by China.