15 Feb 2019

Vanuatu officials want criminal charges over corruption allegations

7:15 am on 15 February 2019

Two officials in Vanuatu's government are pushing for criminal charges against people accused of defaming them online.

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Photo: 123RF

The chair of the Public Service Commission, Martin Mahe, said a local group has alleged he unlawfully influenced the appointment of Commissioner of Labour.

Mr Mahe denied the claims, which also alleges he's having an affair with the Commissioner, Murielle Meltenoven.

On Tuesday, the pair and their spouses filed complaints with police regarding alleged defamation and unlawful discrimination against at least five people.

Mr Mahe said his accusers should have made a formal complaint with the authorities and not on social media.

"But instead of doing that, they are going to the Facebook and belittle my reputation, tarnish my reputation, my family. And the same goes to the Commissioner of Labour."