14 Feb 2019

Samoa village council to fine men who beat their wives

9:46 am on 14 February 2019

A village council in Samoa has decided to fine men who beat their wives $US760 and banish them if they don't pay.

Newsline Samoa reported the Vaie'e council on Safata voted this week to take action against domestic violence.

It followed a court notifying the council that a woman from the village had filed a complaint, claiming she suffered continuous beatings from her husband.

Other villagers reportedly knew about the violence but did not intervene because they considered it a family matter.

The village mayor, Lealaimanu Mafutaga, said the complaint triggered the council ruling.

He said the council's decision sends a strong message to the village to support the national effort to protect women from violence.

"We are not sitting around and not do anything while our women are suffering in silence. Men cannot do whatever they want," he said.