13 Feb 2019

American Samoans sign petition against US army firing range

6:09 am on 13 February 2019

Nearly 200 students, parents, and teachers of Tafuna High School in American Samoa have signed a petition calling on the governor to relocate an indoor firing range being built next to the school.

The US army said the firing range was needed to prepare local reservists for combat.

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Photo: Wikipedia

But the Parent and Teacher Association said its construction was in violation of the Gun Free School Zones Act.

The act prohibits the possession or discharge of a firearm in a school zone.

The army has not responded to inquiries pertaining to the act, and when the firing range will open.

The association president William Spitzenberg said the firing range posed a threat to students and teachers and should be moved.

Mr Spitzenberg said the building should be donated to the school to use as classrooms to help resolve overcrowding.