4 Feb 2019

Social Security office in Wallis and Futuna set to re-open today

6:33 am on 4 February 2019

The office of the Social Security Service in Wallis and Futuna is expected to re-open today after a strike closed it for ten days.

Wallis and Futuna flag

Wallis and Futuna flag Photo: 123RF

According to the public broadcaster, it was agreed on Friday that a board meeting would be called in two weeks to discuss the main grievance.

Staff had gone on strike after alleging that they had been discriminated in being given just a two-percent bonus at the end of last year.

They said they were being treated unfairly because the agency's director was given an additional four percent on top of the basic four percent granted to him.

A two-percent rise is now being considered.

A working group has been set up to look at other points of contention.