29 Jan 2019

Niue brings in foreign workers amid labour shortage

6:49 am on 29 January 2019

Niue's government is bringing in overseas workers amid a labour shortage on the island.

A media release from the office of the Premier, Sir Toke Talagi, says six Indonesian workers will be arriving in Niue soon.

Niue, Matavai resort

Niue, Matavai resort Photo: RNZ Pacific

It says the foreign workers won't replace Niuean workers, but will assist them because of problems getting jobs completed on time.

The Indonesians, who will be in Niue for up to two years, will assist with roading, picking noni fruit and "other odd jobs".

The government has put aside $US34,000 into an account for the workers, but it's expected they will be paid by the relative departments, state-owned enterprises or projects employing them.