'I see no future in this govt' - PNG governor explains defection

4:14 pm on 24 January 2019

The Governor of the Eastern Highlands in Papua New Guinea says he left Peter O'Neill's government for the opposition because he could see there would be no future for his people if he remained.

Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea. Photo: RNZI

Peter Numu made a dramatic exit from the government yesterday announcing his intention in parliament during question time before literally crossing the floor.

The opposition leader Patrick Pruaitch has claimed he will have the support of many disgruntled government MPs for a motion of no confidence in the prime minister next month but the governor is the first to come out publicly.

Mr Numu told the ABC he defected mainly because there had been many false promises of development for his province and a lack of respect for the autonomy of provincial and lower level governments.

"Even areas where we generate our own money from they do not give any financial autonomy. They don't allow us to use our strength to generate our revenue and look after our own affairs.

"They don't know our peoples needs but when we make decisions they just reject them. Because of their failure to recognise the existence of these systems of government that allow us to look after our own affairs and people I feel I have no future in this government."

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