PNG opposition confident more govt MPs will cross over

3:23 pm on 21 January 2019

The opposition in Papua New Guinea says it's confident it can convince large numbers of government MPs to switch sides.

Patrick Pruaitch

Patrick Pruaitch Photo: Loop PNG

This comes ahead of a planned vote of no confidence in the government of Peter O'Neill.

Patrick Pruaitch's opposition has announced today that eight government MPs are joining them.

The deputy opposition leader Tim Masiu said they weren't naming the eight at this point but he said the MPs, who are disgruntled with the actions of the government over the past 18 months, had committed to switch.

He said the opposition recognised that it will need many more to effect the removal of the O'Neill government.

"We have very intensified talks between government MPs and our leaders in the opposition, but we are not letting any information out. The only information that is put out, that's official, is information on the eight indicating they will win the opposition."

Mr Masiu said he wasn't surprised the government has said it wasn't fazed by the threat of a vote.

He said all governments said the same thing going into such a vote.